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Our clients are ambitious, forward-thinking leaders, that put brand at the core of their business growth. Here a selection of our awesome client cases.

voestalpine: Creating a digital ecosystem brand

In an increasingly connected world, legacy systems providers have to find ways to connect long-lasting hardware with innovative software solutions. Being a leader in the field of digital, intelligent ecosystems connecting hardware and software, voestalpine Railway Systems appointed The Brand Project to develop a new brand to support their leading position and scale the digital operation into a new future.

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Ardoq: Rebranding a Purpose-led SaaS Rocket

Ardoq is shaking up the discipline of Enterprise Architecture (EA). Their recent series D funding round secured a $125M investment enabling further global scaling and cementing leadership in the space. The Brand Project has been chosen to work together with Ardoq to develop a complete strategic rebrand, to enable further growth and international scale.

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Microsoft: Exceeding expectations for customer 5.0

Customer support sits at the center of managing and representing a brand. In fact, it has a critical position within brand experience in a B2B setting. The Brand Project was tasked to create internal clarity and collaborative arenas to enable the best (customer) experience. As well as establishing that customer support is a thing of the past, and that customer experience is the future of technology brand experiences.

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Credit: Airthings

Airthings: Preparing for global scaling

Airthings was minutes away from their IPO and it was time to restructure the brand to represent its global growth ambitions and air quality leadership. The Brand Project successfully developed the Airthings brand to clarify its mission, take the desired position and develop solid product streams to serve both consumer and business markets.

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Credit: Bergans

Bergans: Positioning an icon

Bergans is a true icon in the Scandinavian market. Positioning a brand that has been present in Norwegian cabins, in kids’ closets, on any hike – and has been a trusted companion on the slopes of Scandinavia.

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Instabank: Building a new kind of bank

Instabank had a clear vision to deliver the best user experience in the market and simplify banking services. With a brand-led growth and competence strategy as a solid foundation, Instabank is now well established in the Nordics as an innovative and customer-focused digital consumer finance bank.

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Wilhelmsen: Rigging for future growth

Rigging a global corporation for future growth and simplifying the brand structure to enter a new era. The task at hand was to analyze the Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA brand in order to develop a strategy and identity that made the group’s substantial transformation and growth ambitions possible.

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Credit: Kongsberg Group

Kongsberg Digital: Defining the new brand

In a global race to be at the forefront of the next industrial revolution, KONGSBERG Group launched their digital division Kongsberg Digital. Kongsberg Digital provides next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil and gas, renewables, and utilities. The high-tech platform Kognifai was launched, and needed it’s own brand strategy and positioning.

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Vimond: Preparing for international scaling

Vimond Media Solutions had entered a phase where they needed to prepare for rapid international growth. It became clear that the past brand and product structure was limiting their potential to position themselves in the fragmented streaming market. The Brand Project worked with Vimond to implement a new brand architecture and portfolio strategy with new naming and structural rules. And subsequently created a communication strategy for launching the new brand architecture in the market.

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Arkieva: Rebranding a leading global SaaS company

Arkieva is an American global provider of advanced software solutions for supply chain planning and management. The Arkieva Enterprise software solutions are an award-winning suite of collaborative, fully integrated supply chain modules that capture the unique aspects of your business rather than assuming your business must change to fit the software.

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Credit: Equinor

Equinor: Will the new brand be valuable?

The change from the legacy name Statoil to Equinor caused a stir. Was the rebrand worth it? Will the new brand be as valuable and build on its legacy? The Brand Project analyzed the brand valuation post rebrand, and made recommendations for future growth.

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Notodden Energi: Rebranding for a New Energy Landscape

Governmental regulations in Norway have directed all power plants, infrastructure owners and energy sellers to clearly separate their business going forward. This demands a completely new structure, a separation of monopolistic and commercial entities, resulting in, hopefully, customer clarity, transparency and better business models.

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Aider: Redefining an industry

In 2020, Aider began the process of merging with Tet. The two companies felt that together they could take on the entire industry and create real and lasting change.

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