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Archetype your business. But why?

By Robert Leinders-Krog, October 06 2021

One of the major tools of brand strategy is a development of Carl Jung’s(the psychologist) summary of the 12 personalities of humankind. Altered to fit the world of business today, the archetype theory fits right into the concept of brand being the combination of thoughts, experiences and associations a human brain has towards a company - which in turn, preferably, create value for the firm.

Norway: Your technology hub

By Robert Leinders-Krog, September 15 2021

This article is all about how you can leverage this technologically advanced country to help your business perform better locally, and internationally. Regardless if you aspire to go global or have a very specific focus on markets outside your home country.

Disclaimer: We have our head _office in Oslo, the capital of Norway, so we may be a little biased ;) _

Management consulting with a twist

By Robert Leinders-Krog, August 30 2021

Is putting brand at the core — which is why we are building a new kind of advisory business.

Brand management for startups

By Robert Leinders-Krog, February 25 2021

So you finally did it. You have made the decision to create a startup. You may be doing it from inside an existing company or by yourself with a small team that finally thought of something wild and unique that no one has ever thought of before. Maybe.

Positioning during a black swan event

By Robert Leinders-Krog, March 14 2020

Let’s start with the obvious: Offerings, information and communication must be based not on what the company wants to sell, but what customers may need to buy. This is not new. Solution-based sales anchored in the customer perspective have always generated the greatest returns.