Brand Couch at Charge Energy Branding Conference
The Brand Couch went to Iceland! For 2 days, we relocated our brand couch concept to Reykjavik, Iceland where the annual Charge Energy Branding Conference 2022 took place.

Looking out over Reykjavik, we had the opportunity to sit down with many inspiring leaders in the energy industry to talk about how they view brand in the energy industry. The connection between energy and brand, latest trends, and challenges/opportunities going forward were among some of the many topics discussed.

Charge Energy Branding is the leading event for energy companies and forward thinking marketing professionals who seek knowledge, inspiration and the network to transform a commodity into a brand. Check out the website for additional information, content, and future events. 

We have collected all the interviews here, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


Dr. Lawrence Jones 

VP International Programs, Edison Electric Institute 

Setting realistic expectations for your stakeholders through brand and communication is key to building trust, specifically in the energy industry.

It was extremely insightful to sit down with Dr. Lawrence Jones from Edison Electric Institute to discuss the importance of trust in the industry for speed and scale.

He also touches on strategic branding for different parts of the value chain.


Daniela Sellmann

Global VP & Head of Utilities, SAP

How does a legacy player like SAP transition customers from older systems into a new world?

See what Daniela has to say about the importance of branding during a transition when you’re competing with newer companies that get to start fresh from the beginning.

The key? Acknowledging it and bringing your legacy customers along the entire journey.


Jukka Ruusunen

President & CEO, Fingrid

Do monopolies really need to consider branding? Jukka Ruusunen of Fingrid thinks so!

Jukka tells us about the importance of brand in a publicly owned utility and touches on Fingrid’s story of how prioritizing human relationships develops an even better organization.


Mark Cloosterman

CEO, VIM Group 

Since brand has no strict governance like other business functions, how do you get brand in the boardroom?

See what Marc thinks about this, as well as, insights on how brand in general has grown in importance, and at the same time how the CMO role has grown in complexity.


Carolyn Schofield 

Head of Brand, Trustpower

Instead of falling into the classic “this is what we have always done” trap, Trustpower has decided to take the best-practice approach.

Carolyn elaborates on how they have efficiently built and managed their brand through customer-centricity and emotional communication.

She also touches on the topic of investment in brand communication vs performance marketing to grow brand value.


Rishi Dhir

Head of Strategy EMEA, Siegel+Gale

Characterized as a particularly purpose-driven cohort, Gen Z’s aren’t exactly jumping at the chance to be employed in the energy space, which is often demonized in the media. But do how do you shift this story?

Hear from fellow brand strategist, Rishi, on this topic and how Gen Z is going to become the biggest consumer and employee cohort. And therefore is a very important group to understand.


Colin Mangham 

CMO and co-founder, Morpho Energy

Morpho Energy, a startup based out of California, is on a mission to accelerate the transformation to an electrified economy. Colin Mangham, CMO and co-founder, joined us on our Brand Couch to discuss how Morpho Energy has gone about building a purpose-led brand for sustainable growth.


Matt Teske 

Founder & CEO, Chargeway 

With electrification, we are removing gasoline. Electricity needs to be repositioned as a fuel type.

Matt and his team at Chargeway are supporting utility providers to pivot, by simplifying how to visualize electricity as a fuel type and creating a universal language for EV charging.

On the brand couch, he explains how a universal language for EV charging can be leveraged in a user-friendly and customer-focused way in this transition.


Laurent Schmitt 

Head of Utilities and European Developments, dcbel

How do you access and create trust in the residential energy space which has historically lacked innovation and has been somewhat feared?

Laurent discusses this and where he sees the market going in the next few years.


Karl Villanueva 

Co-founder and CMO, Ostrom

Are brand and performance sometimes at odds with each other? According to Karl, they shouldn’t be if they work together.

Ostrom’s early success has come from creating a solid brand from the start while putting a heavy focus on making sure the product performance lives up to that brand.


Fridrik Larsen 

CEO, Brandr and Founder, CHARGE Energy Branding

Fridrik is one of few (if not the only) people with a Ph.D. in Energy Branding.

In this interview, he shed some light on the expansion of the niche, and on how branding is growing in strategic importance in the energy sector as more companies are realizing the importance of understanding the customer vs. hiding behind regulations.


Diana Kladova

Head of Communication, DTEK Grids 

Electricity is a commodity and a critically important part of society. Especially in wartime.

In this interview, Diana discusses how DTEK Grids, a part of Ukraine’s largest energy provider, uses  communication to motivate its employees during times of crisis.


Koenraad van Hasselt

Senior Expert Public Affairs & Comms, TenneT 

From a mid-pandemic rebrand to a post-pandemic phase of responsible growth. Koenraad shared his experience and take aways for best practices.

The key? 🔑 Ongoing dialog with all employees.


Caroline Kamerbeek

VP Marketing, Communications & PR, DNV Energy Systems

Did you know that marketing and communication professionals can make a huge difference in accelerating the energy transition?

According to  Caroline from DNV Energy Systems, the main barriers to reaching the Paris Agreement 2050 goals are very much linked to these professions.

But how? By adding speed, and collaboration in the process!


Kevin O’Donovan

Technology Evangelist

What do you think the metaverse is going to turn out to be? And how will such new technologies transform the way we do things?

Maybe no one really knows yet, but we had the opportunity to discuss the topic with Technology Evangelist, , who focuses on the intersection of technology and the Energy Industry.


Rune Kirk


Rune Kirt from KIRT x THOMSEN gave his point of view on the connection between brand and energy going forward.

What does he think is the key to success? Collaboration across the energy sector. With so many factors that need to be taken into account when creating new solutions, communicating the value in 2 minutes rather than 2 hours makes a huge difference.


Alex Trembath

Head of Communications, International Hydropower Association (IHA)

How do you use brand to shine a light on the human benefits of hydropower?

That’s exactly the question the International Hydropower Association (IHA) is focusing on by using a global coalition of companies across the world to create a coordinated way of telling the sector story.

Check out their latest campaign “We can with Hydropower” here.


Halla Hrund Logadótti

Director General, Orkustofnun 

We sat down with Halla Hrund Logadóttir, the Director General of Orkustofnun, to discuss their sustainable future 2050 initiative and how this impacts Iceland as a brand.

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