Vimond: Preparing for international scaling
Vimond Media Solutions had entered a phase where they needed to prepare for rapid international growth. It became clear that the past brand and product structure was limiting their potential to position themselves in the fragmented streaming market. The Brand Project worked with Vimond to implement a new brand architecture and portfolio strategy with new naming and structural rules. And subsequently created a communication strategy for launching the new brand architecture in the market.

Vimond Media Solutions AS is the most developed and proven over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform provider since 1998 offering a modular, browser-based, online video content management platform with highly efficient workflow for the delivery of OTT live streams and video-on-demand (VOD).

  • Global brand audit
  • Positioning and competitive mapping
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming
  • Communication strategy

Taking a technology brand to the next level

Being a technology powerhouse meant that Vimond faced the same challenges as most tech companies that have grown fast. Products were made and designed and put to market quickly. The original brand strategy from the entrepreneurial days remained largely unchanged and multiple processes were more organic rather than structured.

The global brand audit revealed that Vimond excels in both technology and culture. The company has a vibrant people-first attitude and is actually known for this all over the world. However, in order for Vimond to continue to take a leading position in the fragmented streaming market, where new tech meets legacy code and the customer has come to expect seamless experiences, they needed to address some challenges and take advantage of the opportunities seen ahead:

  • Create a brand strategy with clarity and focus.
  • Take advantage of the rapid market growth to match their international ambitions.
  • Create a structure that enables the excellent company culture.
  • Re-position itself based on the new product-levels and communication.
  • Make the product development strategy ready for a scalable SaaS model.

Turning the page for growth and focus

It was time for Vimond to leave its high-speed teenage years behind, structure their unique competence and products, and use its core strengths to take a global position. So the focus turned to brand, portfolio management, and rapid strategic restructuring.

After a series of collaborative workshops, it was concluded that the more detailed solutions would remain inside Vimond’s organization, but the overall brand should be elevated by utilizing unique differentiators and pushing the positioning in a new, more SaaS-focused direction. A complete portfolio strategy with new naming and structural rules was developed and implemented. In essence, the Vimond brand now orbits around a core platform that is used as a fundamental steering tool for communication, management, and product development.

Based on the new brand structure, a communication strategy was developed and subsequently implement in the months to follow.

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