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Customer support sits at the center of managing and representing a brand. In fact, it has a critical position within brand experience in a B2B setting. The Brand Project was tasked to create internal clarity and collaborative arenas to enable the best (customer) experience. As well as establishing that customer support is a thing of the past, and that customer experience is the future of technology brand experiences.

Microsoft Corp. is an American multinational technology corporation that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. The Microsoft ACE team sits worldwide and is managed from the Microsoft headquarters in Washington, US.

  • Insight and analytics
  • Strategy and platform
  • Visual concept identity
  • Visual concept asset development
  • Content development
  • Implementation and internal alignment

What support really means

Customer support inside the clouds of Microsoft is handled through several support verticals and departments. As the company grew, customer support has become a major strategic asset to ensure client growth, loyalty, and long-term relationships. Specifically for the high-revenue clients of the firm. The challenge presented was to move the identity of the leading support expertise center towards a future-orientated, focused, and collaborative unit, that sits at the center of managing and representing the Microsoft brand.

The ACE Team- Support Superstars, Experience Megastars

Next-generation customers demand next-generation solutions. As customers change, so does support for industrial software solutions. New value chains demand technology that grows at the pace of the customers, adapts to scale, and supports the business on all levels.

A step in understanding the identity of such a vertical is to portray the idea of support being a thing of the past, all the while experiences are the driving force of any brand touchpoint. A support team that is positioned at the very top of the most complex tasks needs to be aware of their brand experience leadership function. Across this support structure, the Microsoft Experience is now defined, and functions as a guiding principle for the ACE teams, who will safeguard and develop that experience to perfection.

Strategy turned into internal identity

The key DNA of the Microsoft ACE support teams is to guard the Microsoft experience as the main customer facing organization of the technology giant. The team as a whole is put into a future that requires a different mindset, and a different approach to managing customer expectations.

The awareness of owning a critical part of the Microsoft brand experience needed an enabler, a visual identifier that could motivate, differentiate, yet also establish a feeling of togetherness and focus.

Our design team worked closely with the ACE team to find a core concept to create this internal identity. The Guardians of Experience identity was born out of the extreme diversity of this global team of experts, coming together to beat bad customer experiences from within. Heard the concept before? Yes, Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy was our inspiration, and figured as a fun guide to a serious transformation.


Implementation, communication, and brand experiences

We are in the midst of implementing this identity, live by it, and create collaborative arenas to develop the best experiences possible – both for the customers and for Microsoft itself.

The future of this project holds intense and highly frequent communication tactics to align global teams, ensure management buy-in, and develop different sets measurable transformations to make this internal identity come to life.

This internal effort will them be converted to external activities and experiences that have the aim of elevating the Microsoft B2B efforts to the very top of customer experience and brand loyalty.

Going forward, The Brand Project will collaborate closely with the management to achieve these overall goals.

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