Rebranding a leading global SaaS company
Being a leading SaaS company in the supply chain space is not enough when the market you are in is flooded with new players that deliver less, with more noise. It was time to strengthen the brand, and claim the position Arkieva deserves.
Arkieva Inc. is an American-based, global provider of advanced software solutions for supply chain planning and management. The Arkieva Enterprise software solutions are an award-winning suite of collaborative, fully integrated supply chain modules that capture the unique aspects of your business rather than assuming your business must change to fit the software.
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Taking the position the firm deserves

Arkieva is in the driver’s seat in innovation, software capabilities, and competence in its field. However, new players have arrived at the scene and are disturbing the supply chain software market. Arkieva has seen market demand for a smaller, more off-the-shelf solution, and decided to launch a new SaaS vertical. At the same time, upgrade their brand to continue to lead the way in their space.

Strong equity, strong verticals

The Arkieva brand proved to be very strong, both in the market itself, amongst its customers, but also internally. What it needed was an enabling activation that could bring the brand into the next decade. By strategically developing Arkieva as the master brand and umbrella for both services and solutions, as well as their new SaaS product, we paved the way for a new, focused positioning that orbits around their core differentiation: No fluff. Just real solutions.


A narrative unlike any other

In order to understand our approach, you need to understand the Arkieva brand. And a key element to this is the core narrative of the firm. This strategic narrative is the final description of the brand, encompassing the entire brand platform and positioning of the brand, forming the foundation of future communication and design.

“We live in a dynamic market where speed, accuracy, and efficiency are critical for corporate development and scale. And we believe that leveraging the power of supply chain technology drives business transformation.
Everything we do is aimed at solving complex planning challenges and creating cutting-edge technology that enables you to run your business at peak performance. At Arkieva, we are change agents at the core, and because of our problem-solving mindset, we keep challenging ourselves to create solutions that not only solve today’s challenges but the ones of tomorrow. In the simplest and most intuitive way possible. For you.This is no easy task. And for close to 30 years we have put the brightest minds in the business together and have analyzed, developed, pivoted, tested, and retested the best solutions to the greatest of challenges. Our software and competence today mirrors both our experience and our desire to innovate and create. And to be at the forefront of supply chain planning.
We are the ones that solve problems others cannot. And we live and breathe for your business to benefit and thrive because of the way our solutions unlock the true value of your supply chain. No fluff. Just real solutions.”

Strategy translated into design

The core narrative and its strategic input was translated into simplistic, yet sophisticated and confident design. Below is a small teaser of the new identity:


Transforming a leader

Going forward, Arkieva will use the new brand strategy and identity to launch world-leading supply chain planning solutions, offer industry-defining SaaS products and elevate the brand further into its leading position.

We at The Brand Project are excited to follow Arkieva’s growth and will continue to support this great tech firm on its journey to further success.

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