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Brands communicate with everything. All the time. Creating those memorable customer experiences is critical for business growth. We develop communication that engages, and experiences that differentiate. Internally, and externally.






The art of marketing in the age of AI and digital ecosystems can deliver unprecedented results for your brand. Looking for a brand launch? Short-term growth, or long-term brand building?

We combine human creativity with data-driven marketing to boost visibility and brand engagement.

& stories

A brand lives by the experiences it creates, and stories it tells. Recognition, loyalty and position is directly related to the ability to create relationships.

Our team of storytellers and content creators will help you create, manage, and distribute uniquely brand-specific content and narratives.

& digital

From ideation, design and development, to engaging strategic content for your website and online channels. We got you.

Together with the coding masters at Oslo Code Lab we design, develop and manage your online presence to match your branding and win in your market.


Employer branding

Let the best people come to you, and make them stay! In a world of extreme competition and lack of access to the best talent your brand needs to stand out!

We craft and activate your brand to attract the best people, foster a thriving workplace culture, and build exceptional teams.


If you think traditional advertising is a bit boring, we are in the same boat. If you have a will to differentiate, driving the “unexpected” will get you there. Guerilla marketing is an old tactic gaining new relevance in the digital age we live in.

We get creative together and develop brand activations that make your brand memorable.


Doing the

You are done with all the talk, all deliveries have checked out and you are ready to go. We know that the real work starts when you put your brand to work, execute on the strategies made, and roll new designs out internally and externally.

Whatever the case, we are here for you, either through a dedicated specialist of your choice, or as a complete agency, with full access to all of our capabilities on demand.

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The living brand identity.

Markets change, companies change, and people change – we all know that. But when should visual brand identities change? And how should you go about doing that?

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Evaluating the need to rebrand

Rebranding is a powerful strategic tool to reposition a firm, or manifest a new direction. This is a perspective on the do’s and dont’s, and what to consider before you inform your board.

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