Rebranding for a New Energy Landscape
Governmental regulations in Norway have directed all power plants, infrastructure owners and energy sellers to clearly separate their business going forward. This demands a completely new structure, a separation of monopolistic and commercial entities, resulting in, hopefully, customer clarity, transparency and better business models.

Notodden Energi was renowned for its solid brand and dominant presence in Notodden and nearby regions. Maintaining and enhancing this value was crucial for the company’s ongoing development.

  • Brand Audit
  • Customer Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Portfolio and Architecture
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Business Model Development
  • Transformation Management
  • Identity redesign
  • Strategic Development Support

A new era for Notodden Energi

Notodden Energi is a medium-size energy corporation with ownership in multiple commercial (fiber) and non-commercial (powergrids) entities. This separation created a strategic branding challenge on all levels of the organization.

A renowned brand

Notodden Energi is a hyperlocal brand with public ownership and a clear corporate social responsibility mandate to serve and care for the inhabitants of the region. The brand awareness and following positive associations to the company are second to none and top 99%. The New York Fire Department comes to mind when comparing these numbers.

The monopolistic infrastructure part of the company operates relatively far away from the proactive power and fiber sales of the commercially focused entity. And with that in mind, the brand strategy is set to leverage the differences and enable both entities to thrive and focus on growth and customer-focused development.

From tradition to innovation

Notodden Energi will become the commercial master brand for the customer-facing part of the company, with a renewed and clear brand strategy, full commitment to innovation, business development and proactive customer care. The architecture is created to incorporate future products and solutions under the master brand.

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