Building the companies of tomorrow with razor sharp focus on brand
Bård Eker from Eker Group and Robert Leinders-Krog from the Brand Project and Oslo Venture Company are standing in front of the newly opened Eker Werks. There isn’t much left of the train factory that once had its home in this old building, however, today it may just have become one of the most complete innovation houses in the Nordics, right in the middle of Oslo’s newest center, Skøyen.
One thought both of them share, is that the present is just a concept and a small daily reminder of where we come from and where we are going. The future, on the other hand, is about moving forward, daring to push boundaries, untying ourselves from the past and old successes – and creating innovations that no one thought were possible.

This is why Robert and Bård have entered an alliance. To elevate innovation, development, and sustainable development of new ideas and companies – nationally and internationally – with a razor sharp focus on brand and product design for both startups and established companies.

By matching one of the leading environments in the Nordics on innovation and design with a leading specialist brand and design firm, the alliance creates a space to cultivate new ideas, help established companies with innovation and product development, and make sure that good ideas turn into great products and brands.

“We want the barrier to be low for anyone who is developing their next project or next startup. Eker Werks is here for anyone who wants to make something happen. We are here for the next innovations, the next ideas, and the next revolution”, says Bård.

“And not to mention placing Norway and Oslo on the map internationally. Together we have an extensive network of investors and companies willing to take a chance, and an incredible amount of expert knowledge in Oslo and Fredrikstad”, adds Robert.

Some of The Brand Project and Eker’s projects have already turned into, and are, global brands. Some haven’t turned into anything. But if you’re not willing to try and fail, you’ll never win – this they both agree on.

The Brand Project and Oslo Venture Company have now moved into the old factory building, and have already started the journey to become a part of this platform for strategic alliances, international collaboration, innovation, development, and learning.

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