Norway: Your technology hub
This article is all about how you can leverage this technologically advanced country to help your business perform better locally, and internationally. Regardless if you aspire to go global or have a very specific focus on markets outside your home country.

Disclaimer: We have our head office in Oslo, the capital of Norway, so we are a little biased.

The world has accelerated by at least ten years on how we use technology, how we communicate and interact, and how we do business. When you add that backdrop to a country that is perceived to be five to ten years ahead of the curve already, there is a unique opportunity to harvest this innovation power and sustainable focus to benefit your business.

Let’s break it up into three different sections and give you an idea of the why, the what, and specifically the how.

  • What Norway is all about
  • Benefitting your global business ambitions
  • The Scandinavian Way
What is Norway all about?

When you think Norway, you might think fjords, nature, and the occasional polar bear roaming the streets. Maybe you have also heard about their seriously ambitious push toward electric vehicles. However, you may not be aware that Norway also happens to be a global leader in technology and sustainable business development.

This is the country that is known within technology companies as a testbed for new solutions and applications. Inhabitants here are design savvy, early adopters that are very technologically advanced and – as written about annually – some of the happiest people on the planet.

Norway ranked the worlds most technologically advanced country 2020 (Global Finance).

It’s the home of Huddly, a world leading Ai conference camera (how do you think they are doing post-pandemic), the famous billion dollar learning disruptor Kahoot, air quality leader Airthings, and the world’s best chess player Magnus Carlsen. The sustainability-focused Ocean Opportunity Lab TOOL is anchored next to the Oslo Opera House landmark, and it is the country with the highest density of Teslas per capita in the world. Softbank also recently acquired a major stake in Oda (previously Kolonial) to disrupt the grocery delivery industry globally.

And the list goes on!

That is really what Norway is all about. It is a country focusing on leading the change to sustainable mobility, ethical business, and technology, including a remarkable focus on startups and founders that enable these massive opportunities.

Benefitting your global business ambition

Technology companies undeniably need partners that can leverage agility and quick strategicthinking enabled by experience and competence. Incorporating experience with easy access to a small home market full of huge innovation and technologywithin both startups and corporate environments – could give businesses the ability to create truly unique brands.

More and more US and Europe-based companies look to Norway to develop their brand experiences and why wouldn´t they?

Us Norwegian-based companies have a tech-way of working in our DNA. At the core we gravitate toward agile processes and simplifying in every aspect of our efforts. 3 days become an hour, a month becomes a week, and 30 clicks become 3. Everything to make brands move faster, become clearer and more efficient. And in the end, gain more loyal customers with less effort.

The Scandinavian way

Ok, so now you are thinking what can I expect from working with a Scandinavian-based brand firm? Fast action, simplification and leveraging our close proximity to the most technologically advanced country in the world. On top of that, throw in our cultural heritage within collaboration and transparency.

You will meet an international, curious gang that will challenge your status quo and will not rest until your brand is focused and equipped with customercentric experiences creating new growth for your company. And just like everyone else, we are only a Zoom, Hangout, Teams call away.

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