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Brand Couch at Charge Energy Branding Conference

The Brand Couch went to Iceland! For 2 days, we relocated our brand couch concept to Reykjavik, Iceland where the annual Charge Energy Branding Conference took place.

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Brand identities are living organisms. Are you treating them well?

Markets change, companies change, and people change – we all know that. But when should visual brand identities change? And how should you go about doing that?

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Building the companies of tomorrow with razor sharp focus on brand.

Bård Eker from Eker Group and Robert Leinders-Krog from the Brand Project and Oslo Venture Company are standing in front of the newly opened Eker Werks. There isn’t much left of the train factory that once had its home in this old building, however, today it may just have become one of the most complete innovation houses in the Nordics, right in the middle of Oslo’s newest center, Skøyen.

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Implement like crazy!

Going through any type of rebrand process can be a rollercoaster. But once the decision is made and the strategic work is complete, you can start realizing your changes internally and externally.

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Yes! It’s time for a rebrand.

You’ve now made that thrilling (maybe insane and definitely scary) decision to rebrand your company, product and/or service – now what? In this article, we’ll take you step-by-step through how what to expect and share some tips on how you can navigate though this emotional rollercoaster.

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Time for a rebrand? Well. Maybe.

Rebranding is a powerful strategic tool to reposition a firm, or manifest a new direction. This is a perspective on the do’s and dont’s, and what to consider before you inform your board.

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Archetype your business. But why?

We as human beings don’t live in an objective and factual world – especially when it comes to our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we come across people (and brands) we feel a connection with. An attraction that is hard to pin down – it’s as if we already know them. What is it that attracts us to these brands? Why do we invite them into our lives and become loyal to them? One of the reasons is archetypes.

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The quest for a core narrative

“We need a new narrative” is not uncommon to hear in executive meetings. It’s no longer enough to say “we make great shoes”. Nowadays it’s too easy for a story to become generic or outdated. It must inspire, excite, attract, and engage. And it needs to be unique. To your brand alone. And so – in comes the core narrative. A strategic, and fundamental story that defines your brand.

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M&A: When brand matters most

More than ever before, mergers & acquisitions are brand-driven choices for continuous growth and development of an organization. When executed right, a strategic expansion can secure transformation success and create new, powerful verticals. However, merging or acquiring another brand requires a clear understanding of the forces that come in play when integrating two organizations — effectively transforming them into a new reality. And changing the brand strategy at the very core.

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Management consulting with a twist

Is putting brand at the core – which is why we are building a new kind of advisory business.

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