Positioning during a black swan event

Let’s start with the obvious: Offerings, information and communication must be based not on what the company wants to sell, but what customers may need to buy. This is not new. Solution-based sales anchored in the customer perspective have always generated the greatest returns.


In times of recess, downturn, and extreme market movements, the first thing businesses do is cut back. Reduce the possible losses to a minimum, cut marketing, projects, innovation and general business development. Once that is done, we rapidly descend on price. Offering everything to everybody at half the price. And as a sum of it all, we essentially undercut the market and accelerate the downfall.

Is there a point in positioning your company in a crisis, and continuing to work on your brand? Even if it is a Black Swan event like the current global corona crisis?

Regardless of the kind of company you are, stopping your business from developing and positioning will not serve you well on the other end of the Black Swan. Obviously, the activities related to your brand development will have to answer to more short-term KPIs. However, these types of events are superbly fit to help you look at your brand offering, value propositions, and positioning from a new perspective. This demands speed, rapid decision making, and extreme focus:

We truly believe that focusing your company will help you deal with this Black Swan. And that clear and focused leadership, both through brand, people and technology will make the difference between success and failure.