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We help your brand achieve its primary task: to establish valuable relationships

in-depth analytics holistic strategy and integrated design.
When customers, employees and stakeholders love your brand...

you fuel growth and create a platform for long-term success.

What we do

Shaping unique experiences that engage audiences to become customers, fans, and ambassadors.

Creating a platform for employees to thrive and stakeholders to invest in, both emotionally and intellectually.

Managing your brand across organizations, portfolios and platforms.

All at a global scale, when needed.

Redefining customer experience and the future of support for a global technology leader.

Defining, developing, and future-proofing a fintech player - from starting up to becoming a Nordic leader.

Positioning Airthings as a leader in the air quality space, developing their brand in all verticals pre and post IPO.

Rebranding a maritime leader, simplifying the portfolio, and becoming a sustainable, global benchmark.

They should all love you

M&A — When Brand Matters Most

More than ever before, mergers & acquisitions are brand-driven choices for the continuous growth and development of an organization. When executed right, a strategic expansion can secure transformation success and create new, powerful verticals. However, merging or acquiring another brand requires a clear understanding of the forces that come into play when integrating two organizations — effectively transforming them into a new reality. And changing the brand strategy at the very core.

The Quest for a Core Narrative

“We need a new narrative” is not uncommon to hear at executive meetings. It’s no longer enough to say “we make great shoes”. Nowadays it’s too easy for a story to become generic or outdated. It must inspire, excite, attract, and engage. And it needs to be unique. To your brand alone. And so - in comes the core narrative. A strategic, and fundamental story that defines your brand.

Archetype your business. But why?

One of the major tools of brand strategy is the development of Carl Jung’s (the psychologist) summary of the 12 personalities of humankind. Altered to fit the world of business today, the archetype theory fits right into the concept of brand being the combination of thoughts, experiences, and associations a human brain has towards a company - which in turn, preferably, create value for the firm.

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