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In M&A, merging two companies, acquiring another, or demerging a division, is not just a financial or operational endeavor but also a complex branding challenge. Branding plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining or enhancing market position and perception.



Branding and communication play a crucial role in M&A by ensuring that the merged entity presents a unified, strong, and strategically aligned brand to the world. The involvement of brand from the earliest stages can significantly influence the overall success of the merger or acquisition.

Please find our overview of expertise below. See it as a process, or individual services that can be added to your M&A scenario.

Brand assessment
& due diligence

This involves evaluating the brand assets and equity of both companies. It includes analyzing brand reputation, customer perceptions, and market positioning to understand the synergies and disparities between the merging entities.

This is a crucial part in the process of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each brand, informing the strategy for a unified brand post-merger.


Post-assessment, there is a need for  a comprehensive brand strategy. This encompasses defining the merged entity’s brand identity, positioning, value proposition, and messaging strategy.

A well-crafted brand strategy ensures a coherent market presence and helps in avoiding customer confusion or brand erosion during the transition.


This service focuses on aligning the internal stakeholders – employees and management – with the new brand vision and strategy. It includes training, internal communications, and cultural integration initiatives.

Internal brand alignment is crucial for employee buy-in and to maintain organizational morale and productivity during the transition.


Communicating the merger to external stakeholders (customers, investors, partners) is vital. This service includes crafting press releases, marketing campaigns, and stakeholder-specific communications.

Effective external communication minimizes market uncertainty and maintains customer and investor confidence.


This involves creating a visual identity for the new entity, including logo design, color schemes, and overall visual branding elements.

A cohesive visual identity is important for instant recognition and to symbolize the new phase of the merged company. Please also review our design services section.


In today’s digital-first world, we focus on harmonizing the online presence of the merging entities, including websites, social media, and digital marketing efforts.

Consistent digital branding is essential for a unified customer experience and for leveraging online platforms effectively post-merger or acquisition.

& management

This includes planning and executing the launch of the new brand and ongoing brand management strategies post-merger.

A well-executed brand launch will generate positive buzz, while ongoing management ensures the long-term success and evolution of the brand.

& portfolio

An added portfolio of services or products may alter the streamlined business offering significantly, and in this scenario, strategic evaluations of brand architecture and product verticals need to be done.

An aligned portfolio architecture will drive value faster, and more efficiently, with significantly lower go-to-market barriers.

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