Understand – and act on – the true position of your brand

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Unlock your brand’s full potential with the brandr index – gain actionable insights and industry benchmarking that empower data-driven decision-making for your company.

“When we got the brandr report, we could really pinpoint those areas that needed improvement”


What is the brandr index?

The brandr Index is a unique data analysis solution that measures the constructs that matter most to consumers. It uses a distinct formulative approach to measure a brand’s specific strengths and compares it to other brands in it’s industry.

It’s not a tracker. It is all about the core of any brand: Positioning.

brandr index is easy to understand, anchored in empirical data with highly actionable recommendations and actions provided to you by The Brand Project.

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Why use brandr to measure your brand?

Using brandr allows you to:

  • Detect if there is a gap between internal and external perception of your brand.
  • Check if your marketing actions are efficient and effective.
  • Get a global comparison in your niche.
  • Increase your ROI on marketing expenditure.
  • Set and manage relevant brand equity and growth goals.
  • Obtain more focused and engaged employees.
  • Win!

What you’ll get:

  • In-depth analysis of 30 positioning metrics.
  • Benchmarking against industry standards.
  • Key performance indicators include NPS, trust, and loyalty.
  • Identification of factors affecting your brand positioning.
  • Actionable steps to strengthen your brand with guidance from our brand experts.

“As soon as I saw brandr Index for the first time I could see how it was different from other surveys. It went beyond glossy pages and fantastic words, and straight to the numbers behind your brand”



Some of these global brands are already working with the brandr index. Maybe you should, too.


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Meet the brand experts

Robert Leinders-Krog

Robert is one of the leading strategic brand advisors based in the Nordics. Having worked with a multitude of global brands in recent years, his experience ranges from specialist retail brands to maritime corporations and technology companies. He is known for his ability to facilitate complex brand and business challenges, is a keen writer and keynote speaker.

Carina Åkredalen

With more that 15 years of international marketing and branding experience running branding agencies in Singapore and London, Carina is our International Norwegian. She has a strategic approach to branding, and believes in building strong and sustainable brands in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Carina creates growth through enhancing digital brand experiences and customer touchpoints.

Natalie Norton Bremer

Natalie is in charge of our larger projects as well as running the analytics department. As an analyst, she works at the crossroads of brand positioning and market perception as well as assisting larger organizations in the implementation of new brand-enabling technologies (such as AI). Her focus lies in defining and enforcing clear roles for brands in an increasingly fragmented and competitive global environment. Natalie is helping to apply this strategic approach to both local and international projects.

Haley Zerwas

Haley has almost two decades of marketing, communication and branding experience, having worked with global technology companies and more recently startups with international ambitions. She has had her primary focus in the energy and maritime industries transforming high-tech concepts and solutions into value based brands.