Can AI be disruptive for your company?

The Brand Project has developed a workshop framework where we utilize existing AI knowledge and research, the latest tools, industry-relevant insight, and combine it with your business and value propositions.

A full-day workshop developed for business leaders or leadership teams with a focus on uncovering the threats, opportunities, and critical areas where AI plays a decisive role in the development of the business – and customer expectations.

Would we run the same company if we were to start over… today?

From Black Swan to Golden Opportunity

The workshop date will be determined together with you. We need 10 days of prep time before we meet.
What can you expect in terms of process and content?

The Power of AI (10:00 – 11:00)

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Generative AI and its strategic importance
  • Ethical and commercial frameworks
  • Applications and strategic relevance

Self-driven disruption (11:00 – 13:00 with a working lunch)

  • What we do today (the old way) vs.
  • How we would do it if we did not have existing legacy, systems, constraints (the new way)

Expectations and innovation (13:00 – 16:00)

  • What are our unique competitive advantages today?
  • What do our customers expect from us. Today and tomorrow?
  • How can we develop new competitive advantages by investing in (and understanding) AI.

Price: 85 000 NOK excl. VAT per company incl. meeting room at our premises in Oslo, initial insight, workshop, lunch, and debrief after the workshop.

The workshop is also offered digitally but we recommend being present together in the workshop to get the most out of the session. Should you prefer to conduct the workshop at your own location outside of Oslo, additional charges will apply to cover the travel expenses for two advisors.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact us to find a time and process.

Natalie Bremer, responsible for booking and process

Robert Leinders-Krog, responsible for workshop & strategy

Team Disruptive AI

Robert Leinders-Krog

Robert is one of the leading strategic brand advisors based in the Nordics. Having worked with a multitude of global brands in recent years, his experience ranges from specialist retail brands to maritime corporations and technology companies. He is known for his ability to facilitate complex brand and business challenges, is a keen writer and keynote speaker.

Carina Åkredalen

With more that 15 years of international marketing and branding experience running branding agencies in Singapore and London, Carina is our International Norwegian. She has a strategic approach to branding, and believes in building strong and sustainable brands in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Carina creates growth through enhancing digital brand experiences and customer touchpoints.

Natalie Norton Bremer

Natalie is in charge of our larger projects as well as running the analytics department. As an analyst, she works at the crossroads of brand positioning and market perception as well as assisting larger organizations in the implementation of new brand-enabling technologies (such as AI). Her focus lies in defining and enforcing clear roles for brands in an increasingly fragmented and competitive global environment. Natalie is helping to apply this strategic approach to both local and international projects.