Shaping brands to enable business growth

We are brand transformation specialists.

Our clients are shapers. With purpose, ambition and razor-sharp focus we help them deliver the unique brand experiences that create valuable relationships. We create platforms for employees to thrive, and stakeholders to invest in. Engaging their audience to become customers, fans and ambassadors.

By applying creative magic to business logic, we drive your firms’ success by fusing analytics, strategy and design. We help our clients define and manage their brands across organizations, portfolios, stakeholders, employees, and, if needed, at a global scale.


Collecting and analyzing insights to create a fundamental understanding of your brand and the underlying factors and drivers that define its future.

By applying a combination of qualitative analytics with data-driven insights, we create a holistic understanding of the connection and gaps between the brand, its key stakeholders and the market it operates in.

Our approach combined with our vast toolbox of proven research methods defines the fundamental facts that enable decision making, positioning and a long-term brand strategy.

  • Brand Audit
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Brand Equity Analysis
  • Positioning & Competitive Mapping
  • Brand and Business Analytics
  • Category Intelligence
  • Brand Touchpoint Analytics

Defining the fundamental strategies and visual concepts that define and enable your brand.

By combining the art of visual thinking with strategic direction, we tap into the core processes of the human mind.

Making us understand and create better brands, enable them to create relationships, and smartly apply global knowledge to create local heros. We develop technology-enhanced strategies to secure future-proof, sustainable brands.

  • Brand Strategy and Platform
  • Design Strategy
  • Purpose-driven Branding
  • Business Modelling
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Rebranding and debranding
  • Naming

Translating your strategy and visual concepts into visual assets

A powerful brand platform allows for remarkable brand expression and experience - in all phases of the customer journey and in every brand touch-point. When aligned with your organization’s core DNA, strategic design will bring your story to life.

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Design and Portfolio Systems
  • Concept Development
  • Digital Design Concepts
  • Web and Application Concepts
  • Visual Brand Asset Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Communication Concepts

Integrating and activating your strategy into your brand touch-points to create growth.

Strategies mean nothing when hidden inside powerpoints and pdfs. Colours, fonts and pictures have no value if they don’t enable your brand in all touch-points. Brand management and strategic implementation are critical to building valuable, high-performance brands.

We align strategy and identity to your strategic and tactical assets, help you guide your supplier network as well as your employees, and create bullet-proof implementation strategies and plans with one goal in mind: Make your business grow and be loved by your customers and employees alike.

  • Go-to-market Strategy and Activation
  • Communication Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Design Leadership
  • Brand Implementation & Internal Alignment
  • Digital Transformation Leadership
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Content Development