Positioning an icon

Bergans is a true icon in the Scandinavian market. Positioning a brand that has been present in Norwegian cabins, in kids' closets, on any hike - and has been a trusted companion on the slopes of Scandinavia.

Finding new growth

Bergans of Norway has experienced high levels of growth in recent years, however, the market sphere is rapidly changing. Customers demand more of the brand they buy and expect a clearer perspective on CSR and sustainability. Relatedly, Bergans has a clear vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable outdoor brand.

The first task in this long-term co-op was to define the strategic position for the brand. A position that should increase internal motivation, drive growth, and fuel an international understanding of what Bergans really is, for whom, and why. This position then had to be tailored to Bergans’ product categories: Resort skiing, cross country skiing, paddling, hiking, kids & youth, and lifestyle.

For the next generation

Based on extensive research, and strategic sessions, we developed a positioning that appropriately reflects the current and aspired position:

Believe in tomorrow. Explore today.

These five simple, yet undeniable powerful words encompass the essence of the brand. Bergans believes in the power of nature, caring for each other, the quality of its products, and the experiences they provide. They strive for innovation, forward-thinking, and a better future for our planet and everyone on it.

They thrive through exploration, by thinking differently, creatively, and by pushing into new frontiers. And they do so with a contagious sense of urgency and excitement.

Using this positioning strategy as a guiding star, we developed a design philosophy, brand rules, communication strategies, management philosophies, as well as clear and strategic CSR perspectives.

Bergans has implemented this strategy by strengthening its sustainability focus in all areas and is constantly awarded and rewarded with industry recognition. It is the main force behind the #savetheseasons initiative to put “seasons” on the World Heritage List.

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