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The place where business strategists and brand magicians co-create. We transform business and create growth by putting your brand first.

The Brand Project is a leading strategic branding firm with an international multidisciplinary team based out of Oslo, Norway.  The firm was founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs that share the ambition of creating, developing, and scaling companies that people love.

We believe that valuable relationships happen when people interact with great companies and experience their people, products and services.  Our mission is to accelerate growth – and build brand equity – from the inside out. This is why everything we do is fundamentally based on how brands are built, perceived, and managed –  and how they in turn enable and create faster growth, corporate equity, effective go-to-market opportunities, long-term loyalty, and customer preference.  

We work closely with progressive business leaders who have an unprecedented ambition to take their company to the next level.
Together we have been transforming businesses in more than 20 countries, from Oslo to Singapore, and London to New York.

Our project is to make brand your most valuable asset. 
Welcome to The Brand Project. 

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Meet the core team

Robert Leinders-Krog

Robert is one of the leading strategic brand advisors based in the Nordics. Having worked with a multitude of global brands in recent years, his experience ranges from specialist retail brands to maritime corporations and technology companies. He is known for his ability to facilitate complex brand and business challenges, is a keen writer and keynote speaker.

Carina Åkredalen

With more that 15 years of international marketing and branding experience running branding agencies in Singapore and London, Carina is our International Norwegian. She has a strategic approach to branding, and believes in building strong and sustainable brands in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Carina creates growth through enhancing digital brand experiences and customer touchpoints.

Jesper Kreiborg

Jesper is an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive. Over the last 20 years he has been involved in numerous successful companies from idea to exit – both as founder and as CEO. He has worked across several industries, but has had a primary focus on IT, financial and digital services focusing on optimization of customer journeys and loyalty.

Haley Zerwas

Haley has almost two decades of marketing, communication and branding experience, having worked with global technology companies and more recently startups with international ambitions. She has had her primary focus in the energy and maritime industries transforming high-tech concepts and solutions into value based brands.

Kirby Ann Basken

Kirby is our resident international journalist, TV host and specialist in change management. She spent 12 years living and working in the Philippines before coming back home to Norway to further her experience in innovation and leadership. Kirby’s focus is on building and commercializing our portfolio and services, while applying her knowledge to strategic business and change management projects.

Natalie Norton Bremer

Natalie has spent the last few years studying strategic marketing management and leadership, and most recently has put her knowledge into practice in the international venture and innovation space. As an analyst, she is working at the crossroads of brand position and market perception where she focuses on establishing clear roles for businesses in an increasing competitive landscape. Natalie is helping to apply this strategic approach to local and international projects.

Achim Feige

Achim Feige has accompanied and advised top leaders of DAX, ATX and SWX companies in international strategic change projects for 20 years. Previously he was leading change as a partner of BrandTrust in Germany, where he advised more than 100 brands. He is called upon by Top Executives and management teams when it comes to new brands, mindsets and new experiences of change.

Victor “Vic” Dahlstrøm

Victor is a multidisciplinary designer with a strong focus on corporate identity development, and specialties within technology and SaaS companies. He is known for praising the mixture of minimal and maximal, and aims to create strong visual identities that will stand the passing of time and trends. He has worked with large corporate systems as well as technology startups and scaleups.

When customers, employees, and stakeholders have a valuable relationship with your brand, you fuel growth and create platforms for long-term success.

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Archetype your business. But why?

We as human beings don’t live in an objective and factual world – especially when it comes to our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we come across people (and brands) we feel a connection with. An attraction that is hard to pin down – it’s as if we already know them. What is it that attracts us to these brands? Why do we invite them into our lives and become loyal to them? One of the reasons is archetypes.

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Rebranding is a powerful strategic tool to reposition a firm, or manifest a new direction. This is a perspective on the do’s and dont’s, and what to consider before you inform your board.

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